Stitching Up Some Summer Fun!

Among all the crafty things I love to do, sewing is one of them. I learned to sew when I was thirteen. It was a very trying jumper. My poor mother, a seamstress, was so patient and I was a brat. When I was a toddler my mom custom made clothing for the wealthier women in our town. To this day, I know how to finish a seam the old way, not using my serger! My love for fiber, food and flowers flourished as I grew up and was a natural genetic addiction. And being the good homeshcool mom that I was, I tried to teach my daughter to love fiber, food and flowers. Her bent is more in the technical realm but she loves design and beauty as you can see here. We did our stint with the Howard County Fair and brought home several ribbons. I also did my time as a blue ribbon quilter and brought home not only ribbons but prize money. As a crafter we never turn down a new passion so my time is divided among many crafty things.

I’ve really been turned onto Amy Butler Designs. Her fabrics and patterns inspire me, mostly because they’re booming with color and design and I lovvvve color! Becca, my 24 yr old daughter, and I have gotten the itch for some CUTE summer skirts. We went fabric shopping the other day and came home with a cute stash. I did buy some lovely fabrics by Amy Butler from for a slightly discounted price and plan to stitch up some cute items to sell in My Etsy Shop. Ok. I know there’s a theme here: CUTE!

These are the skirts I’m stitching up for Becca and myself.

I have a favorite “April Cornell” apron that I made a pattern from and I’m whipping up some aprons to also include in My Etsy Shop, Butterflies & Bumble Bees.

I hope to get some of these stitched up today. But following my history and anything slightly associated with math ;( I’ll probably remember why the seam ripper was invented! For ME!


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