Mental Health Day On The Farm

Last fall I met a woman who would soon become a “sister” to me. She’s the owner/farmer of Sycamore Spring Farm. We are a kindred spirit with a love for God, a love for family and a love for animals and farming all around. I noticed in the fall when I’d make my 60 mile round trip out to the farm that even on what I described as “bad” days due to recovering from Lyme Disease, that my mood would be lifted and I’d come home later that evening with a spring in my step! I’ve been visiting my friend now for 8 months and I’ve fondly begun to refer to my visits as “mental health days”! Even with the outrageous price of gas, a visit to “the farm” as I’ve fondly come to call it, is cheaper than a visit to the therapist!!!! Every visit holds new lessons and not only do I receive but I also give friendship and love.

This is Cocoa who has gone blind, but successfully gave birth to the tiniest twins! She’s such a good Mama!

Yesterday I went out to the farm. My friend of Sycamore Spring Farm is now featuring my handcrafted goods in “the spring house”. We’re of such kindred spirit that we dream together and make plans for the future. It’s so adventurous when women get together who love to dream!!! So, we’re making plans and I’ll let you in on them as the wrinkles get ironed out….but for now, we’re having fun!

When I got to the farm I was greeted by Tea Cup and Rosie who were prancing in the field with their babies. It’s so fun to see the farm come to life in the spring……there are babies everywhere. Baby goats, baby chicks, baby cows, baby geese, baby rabbits…’s truly the season of life! As the babies are hatching though it’s the time to protect them from fox who love to eat them. There was a pen full of baby heritage turkeys with one baby goose. It was so funny because the baby turkeys thought the baby goose who was born on the same day but was 4 or 5 times their size, they thought he was their mommy!!! It always reminds me of one of our favorite children’s books “Are You My Mother”. Then out pops some more baby chicks. My friend all of a sudden had them in her hand. I said, “where’d they come from?” She responded, “In my dresser drawer”! Laughter broke out on my part. “oh you never cease to amaze me. What on earth are they doing in your dresser drawer????” Anyway, as the story goes, the mommy Muscovy Duck is still sitting on eggs, and if she had a duckling she’d leave the eggs to chase after this little one. So, my friend is playing mommy to some baby chicks…..I can see it now……big Muscovy duck following my friend around for life saying, “are you my mother???”


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