Saving Quarters

This is one of the inherited antiques my Mother-in-Law gave to us. Isn’t it lovely. I love the old wood smell about it. It brings back some childhood memory that I can’t put my finger on.

This is another. It’s an old shaving mirror (minus the mirror!).

This is an old wash board that came from my moms. I thought it amusing. It reads “Standard Family Size”. Wow my Maytag is a lot bigger for my “standard family” of four!

Saving Quarters

Honey and I love our heritage. We come from some strong willed and feisty English, Irish & Scottish breed. We were watching “Amazing Grace” the other night, one of Honey’s favorites. It’s about one of the fathers of our Faith and in the end the bagpipes are playing “Amazing Grace” by John Newton. I had a brain storm idea. I said, “Honey, I think we should start saving our quarters for a trip to England!!!! In four years we’ll celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary and you’ll retire. Sooooo, I think we should go to England and Scotland and Ireland and roam the country sides staying in quaint little villages and taste and see that the Lord is good.” At that Honey replied, “Good idea! Let’s DO IT!” Many people would be saving their pennies for such a trip, but with the price of airfares, we figured we ought to save quarters instead!

If any of you have great sites to see in England, Scotland and Ireland, please drop me a comment. I’m already starting to bookmark ideas and I’m getting pretty excited! I know 4 yrs seems like a long time, but hey we’re in our 50’s & 60’s and time flies A LOT faster these days. We hope to stay abroad for a good month….I know we should probably start saving dollars instead!


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