A Glorious Memorial Day Weekend

We had the most beautiful Memorial Day Weekend that I can remember in a long time. Most people probably don’t remember this weekend from one yr to the next, but I do. It holds a lot of memories. My Gma was born on the true Memorial Day, May 31 in the year 1900. This is also the start of the busiest traffic traveling from our western shores of MD to the eastern shores where the ocean resorts are. I for one avoid the Bay Bridge outside of Annapolis like the plague after Memorial Day. If I want to visit my folks, it must be before Memorial Day or I have to wait until Labor Day is past. It’s crazy.

But we stayed home and it was a beautiful weekend. I spent it working in the garden trying to finish my successive planting. I still have one more bed of corn and whatnots to plant in a few weeks, but everything else is in. I did some hedge trimming and somehow found a little more poison ivy. Or rather it found me. I have one little spot on my ring finger, so I treated it with Jewelweed soap and lotion. I also took some Bloodroot Tincture that I made for such a time as this. So far these remedies have been working.

I spent Sunday resting. It is our day of rest. This is my “Mother’s Day” chair. I picked it out for it’s comfort and I sat in it almost all day Sunday, soaking in my Vitamin D ration and knitting socks. I’m blessed with tough, eastern European skin from my Gma that was born on Memorial Day. I don’t burn except if I’m not careful on that first sunny day. But after I get a little color, it’s browning season for me. My daughter Becca has skin like Honey; fair, from their heritage of Irish and English. I’m proud of my blue eyes from my Socttish heritage, but I’m glad I’ve got that bit of Hungarian too!

This is the 6th or 7th time I’ve tried this sock pattern and every time the heel doesn’t work! I finally threw the pattern out and made my own heel. I think it worked just fine.

My garden is really looking good. I was staking my Indian Eggplants.


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