Savory Tarragon Meatballs

Cooking for people with food intolerances is a pain. We all have different foods so it becomes a challenge to cook something fun and tasty that at least Honey and I can enjoy. Honey and I always told the kids when they were growing up that if they didn’t eat it for dinner they would have to eat it for breakfast….lunch….dinner. Which ever they chose. Now that the kids are young adults, they can either eat it or not….but that’s what we’re having. Same idea, but I don’t ever worry that they will starve.

Scottish Highland Cattle

I contemplated for a long time yesterday what to do with wonderful tasty Scottish Highland ground beef from Sycamore Spring Farm. As Becca was being my personal organizer, I sat in the floor and tossed a few ideas at her. We came up with meatballs that Honey could eat. Honey’s intolerance or allergy to Tyramine is a very tough one. It rules out tomato (which has natural MSG), onion, and many other great ingredients. So what do you do without those ingredients. Since garlic doesn’t seem to give him a migraine, I chose garlic and a gravy made with rice & tapioca flour that I can eat. Thus I created a Savory Tarragon Meatball with Gravy over Basmati Rice. I even threw in Stinging Nettle for it’s nutritional punch. I had my dinner with my lacto-fermented kraut. Non for Honey since it’s loaded with Tyramine. Becca opted out since she didn’t like the taste and only ate rice. That’s nothing new. I am constantly thinking about nutrient density….more bang for you bite! That’s what it’s all about.

Savory Tarragon Meatballs

2 # Ground Beef

3 Pastured Soy Free Eggs

1/4 C Raw Butter

2-3 C Raw Milk

1/8 C Rice Flour

1/8 C Tapioca Flour

1 tsp Organic Garlic Powder

3 Cubes Beef Stock (see below)

1 Tsp Organic Tarragon Crushed

1/2 C Organic Stinging Nettle

Grey Celtic Sea Salt

Cayenne Pepper


Mix the egg, flours, seasonings, herb together in a large bowl. I used my hands. Form into balls. The small ones held together better. Brown in the melted and hot lard. I always use a cast iron skillet. When brown remove and add 1/4 C raw butter and whisk. Cook for a minute or two. Add the milk gradually whisking quickly to avoid lumps. Add the beef stock, stir. Add the meatballs and simmer for 30-60 minutes.

If you don’t care for the savory taste of tarragon, you could use oregano, or any other herbs to suit your taste. Serve over rice or pasta. Enjoy!

Cooking Tip

I shared this tip for storing whey, and had a brain storm since I had a pot of beef stock waiting to be frozen….why not put it in ice trays also? Then when you need that nutrient dense food for it’s great health benefits, pop one in whatever you’re cooking. So, I did.


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