Great Organizational Ideas!!!

My daughter, Becca is a great organizer, in fact she organized my art studio shelves yesterday. It’s in her DNA I think. She organizes her CD’s, her books, her iPod, her pictures………OK that’s where the problem started. She thought it was a great idea for ME to organize my pictures on PhotoBucket where I store my photos to then link them to my blog……BUT if you read my post called “confessions”, you would know that I am technologically challenged!!!!! 😉 and that’s putting it mildly. That’s an explanation as to if you go to a post…..well, there are NO pictures. My entire Butterflies & Bumble Bees is gone. I spent days on that and in a matter of a click it’s gone forever. Ok, I like these machines a little, but as Honey says, a short pencil is better than a long memory….my point made. Sometimes, I just rather write it down….so what if I have tons of paper laying around with notes all over them. At least I can find them. But now my pictures are eternally gone until I go and figure out what they were again….and for now, I have 5 acres of grass calling my name so it will have to wait.

Becca built this bookcase for me also….it’s from Ikea.

She offered to alphabetized my books…..wink wink! 😉

I said, no, I’ll put them in by categories.

One reason we’ve had to do soooooo much reorganizing is because my inlaws are moving for the first time in 50 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIKES! That’s a lot of STUFF! So, we’re inheriting some wonderfully beautiful antiques and for that matter, I won’t complain about all the work. (I’ll confess, I’m slightly disorganized also!)
I’ll post pics of the pretty pieces that are now in our home later, I gotta cut grass. Only one more load to pick up and we’re done.

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