Herbal Cleaners

It was a rainy day today, so I spent it knitting and then I cleaned the house. Cleaning has become a chore. I use to have a pretty spic n’ span house, but since I’ve been so sick for the last three yrs….well those dust bunnies have been multiplying. Today however, I decided to scrub our bathroom, strip the bed and wash the sheets, vacuum up and down and dust w/ the vacuum. Then I gave the house a nice spritz of Rose Water Air Spray. Now I’m getting ready to fix Pastured Pork Chops for dinner w/ rice & herbs and a lovely plate of fresh greens from the garden with homemade dressing. I’ll have some homemade Red Sauerkraut, but none for Honey since he’s allergic to Tyramine.

I mixed up the Bed Bug Cleaner that The Village Herbalist, Heather, recommended. Here’s the recipe:

2 C Borax

1 Tbsp Lavendar Herb

1 Tbsp Wormwood Herb

2 tsp Peppermint Herb

1 tsp Lavendar Essential Oil

Grind or blend all together. (I used my food processor)

Keep in a sprinkle top jar. Sprinkle on the mattress, carpets, furniture. Allow to sit for 8 hrs…..well I didn’t have that long, so I let it sit for 2.5 hrs. Then vacuum. It will kill dust mites and if you have fleas add 1/4 C salt.

Rose Water Spritzer

4 oz Rose Water Hyrosol

15 drops Lavendar Essential Oil

5 drops Mugwort Essential Oil

Let sit for couple hrs and spritz the house. Rose helps with depression so spritz away!


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