My Growing Challenge~Sweet Potatoes!!!

I hope Melinda takes a look at my blog sometime soon, because this is truly my growing challenge; sweet potatoes! I’ve never grown them. I didn’t know what to expect. I am totally out of my element with these babies. We live where the soil is more clay then sand….my folks have sandy soil on the Eastern Shore of MD. But not here. So, Honey built me more boxes as you can see and I used sand, peat and vermiculite for the sweet potatoes…..I know it’s probably not warm enough for them quite yet, BUT they had to go in the ground. Honey and I are taking some R&R. We’re heading to our favorite place on earth; the mountains. In order for everything not to die while I’m gone, I’ve had to get it in the ground. It has a much better chance of survival there with God taking care of it. The neighbor’s oldest daughter is tending to the dogs and the garden, but there’s only so much to ask a person to do. Here’s how it looks……

They’re a little wilted after being transferred to soil….I hope they put on their happy faces….SOON!

They are climbers, so I strung up some twine.

If you’ve read any of my blog, you know how much I love color, and how it’s been a part of my healing from Lyme Disease. I’ve had this old retro chair that I found at a yard sale about 10 yrs ago….it was ugly! Just as a way of measuring my milestones….10 yrs…and I finally got it sanded, primed and painted my favorite color…PINK! I think it adds just the right amount of whimsy to my garden.

I’ll get those two empty beds ready when I get back from R&R. Right now they are growing grass! YUCK! I spent another 4.5 hrs today mowing. I was pretty impressed with my time….I’ve figured out that the fastest way to get it done is in circles! Boy, that’s all I need…more ditzy Di! But today while I was mowing God gave me a little treat….other than finding several ticks crawling….I saw my most prized bird…a Bluebird! I’ve got a box my blind dad built that I need to get up, but that will have to wait. Now, time for some R&R!


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