Peace at Peaceful Acres

I was awake again this AM at 2:30. Nothing really troubling me, just those menopausal hormones or should I say lack there of. But as I reflected on the weekend, I almost started laughing out loud. PEACE. PEACEFUL ACRES!!!!!! LOL! How many of us truly have peace? How many of us truly want peace? I’d say, mostly all of us want it and very few of us have it. I guess God knew that I would need to hear a short message yesterday morning by Kay Arthur at Precept Ministries. She is one of the best Bible teachers I know of. So because of a conversation with our 20 yr old son Sat night, I decided I needed to listen to “Resurrection Peace that Gives us Hope”. One point that stuck with me from John 20, was that when Mary went to the tomb looking for the crucified Christ….she was looking for him dead. He was not dead, but resurrected. How many of us are looking for a crucified Christ. I guess that is also why I don’t wear a crucifix. The Christ I worship is RESURRECTED! So, I look for the living Christ and I’ve found him.

In this passage of John 20, Christ who is resurrected goes to the Disciples who are locked up in a room hoping the Jews don’t search for them to also crucify. The risen Christ comes to them and the first words recorded that he says are, “Peace be with you.” He had to say it again. “Peace be with you.”

It was that peace I needed yesterday and Saturday night. I can’t go into details but our son is sick with Lyme Disease and it’s many co-infections and it’s eating his brain up pretty badly. I’ve had it do that so I know what he’s feeling. That’s not what he wants to hear though. He talked about the feelings of depression and desperation he’s having. At least he’s talking. But when you love someone, as Honey has loved me through all this, it breaks your heart. So, we of course went to the ONE who can give us peace and will ultimately bring healing.

Then on Sunday afternoon about 4:30. Honey was working on my last little raised bed for my monster sweet potatoes and he accidentally knocked a can of brake cleaner off the shelf in the shed. When it fell unbeknown st to him, the can was punctured. He didn’t realize that and picked it up. It was spraying all over him, and it went in his eye. He ran in the house like a mad man and was ripping his clothes off and jumped in the shower. I was a wreck! In my crying, I just kept asking if he could see….all I could think of is him not ever being able to look at me again. You see Honey loves to look at me…he loves to look into my blue eyes and he loves it when they smile. That’s all I could think about.

He told me he could see but he didn’t know where his wedding ring was. When he flung his clothes off coming through the basement his ring went flying. So, I was down in the basement crying out to Abba God, my Daddy. As I sat on the weight bench crying, HE said to me, “PEACE”. I said, “yes, Lord. You are faithful and Your mercies are new EVERY morning. GREAT is YOUR FAITHFULNESS”. I looked over and on the floor was Honey’s wedding ring; his favorite possession.

I instantly got online and looked up “chemicals in the eyes”. The advice was to rinse the eye for 20 minutes. So I advised Honey to do so. Then I called the Doctor, which Honey said not to do….but online it said to do that. Finally the doctor told Honey who was doing very well, to call Poison Control with the info off the can. By this time it’s been an hour and Honey’s eye is doing fine….a little irritation, but no vision problem or damage. As he’s reading the info to Poison Control, I’m googling it and as he writes on his pad, “NO TISSUE DAMAGE”, I’ve also come to that understanding.

So, we thank you LORD, for your loving kindnesses, which are new every morning.

“Peace be with you!”



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