It’s Great to Be Alive!!!

Wow, you’ll never know how much I am enjoying being “fully alive”….an old theologian said once, “God’s glory is man fully alive”. I know what that means, on both a spiritual level and a physical level. I often say, that I’ve finally come out of my coma and I’m lovin it! 🙂

During this time of great sickness with Lyme Disease & Company, I’ve drawn nearer and nearer to the only One who can heal me. I’ve drawn my very breath from Him, my Great Jehovah, my Abba, my Daddy; GOD. When life seemed like it wasn’t worth living, He gave me a reason every day. He lifted me from the miry pit and set my feet upon a ROCK. Oh, and He put a new song in my mouth….a hymn of praise to my God!

My Mowed Field

I didn’t realize what a gloriously beautiful day it truly was….look at that blue sky!

Today, my plate was full again, just the way I like it!!! I’ve had plenty of empty plate days, resting, waiting, resting. This AM I decided that I ought to mow the field again. I mowed it down last Friday for the first time in probably 15 yrs. Yeah, lots of blackberry bramble, thistle, milkweed and multaflora rose. Lots of tall prairie grass and lots of new trees that weren’t there 22 yrs ago when we built here. It was kinda fun to see all the changes, except for the neighbors dumping their rubbish! But, even so, it’s good to have that job done….now to maintain it. It took me 3 hrs to mow it down on Friday. I mowed again so early because, well, that pesky poison ivy found me….I was covered except for my neck! Yep, it found me. So, today as I’m healing again from that plague, I decided that while it was still cool and even rather cold, I could bundle up so much that maybe the poison ivy wouldn’t know I was in all that cover up! I had every part of me covered except for my face….I didn’t want the neighbors calling the guys in the white coats. It only took 2 hrs today to get it done. I accomplished a little more blackberry bramble, however, I want to leave some so I can pick some wonderful wild blackberries this summer. Now I have 4.75 acres to cut every week. That ought to take an entire day…oh, except for the land the house sits on…so that ought to be 4.5 acres…I don’t know.

On this beautiful morning that I was glad to be alive, I did a load of laundry and put it on my new solar dryer! We went gas about 9 yrs ago when gas was cheaper then electric. But now, well, does it really matter. Both are sky rocketing out of control, so I went solar! 8) Because my back isn’t what it used to be at 30, I put my solar dryers on the deck where I can access them easier. Don’t laugh at them, they were really rather inexpensive. I got them at IKEA for $15 a piece, not bad for solar! I also did 3 other loads due to the poison ivy and used the conventional gas dryer so the heat would kill any oils on the clothes and sheets.

I also made 2 more batches of herbal infusions for salves later. And I played with my Kombucha Scoby. Hang on to your hat! This scoby is a monster….I think I see a pattern here…monster sweet potatoes and monster scobies. I’ve been doing a continuous brew in a 2.8 gallon cookie jar. I dip out what I want each day and then add more tea mixture when it’s needed. It’s easy and look at what I grew!

Scoby in jar with KT

NO it’s not a birthday cake!

Original Mother laying on the bottom of all those babies! Amazing!

Tonights an embryonic chicken night…yep, good old eggs. These are no average eggs though, they are soy free because my loving husband is allergic to soy. Besides it’s not very good for us. It’s mostly GMO now and too many folks are allergic. Actually my Honey is allergic to Tyramine, an amino acid. It gives him terrible migraines….so no more Tyramine in this house, at least not for Honey. Oh, right, our soy free eggs come from Sycamore Spring Farm.


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