Here’s an updated update on my gardening dilemma. I at least have a plan now as to what to do with these monster sweet potatoes. I’m going to build another raised bed frame from some scrap wood. Since I really don’t have any extra room within my fenced area, I’m planning to build two 1’x8′ boxes. I think I’ll have 15 slips and that should suffice. I’ll butt the boxes up against the fence so that the vines can run up and over the fence. Once in place I’ll fill them with a mixture of sand and peat and then cover it with some black landscape cloth to warm the soil. That way, we won’t be overtaken by them in the house for another month or so. They really are beautiful and I saw where you can keep them as house plants….I don’t think I want to.

I am so please with my attempt to grow from seed this year. Thank you to Melinda at The Growing Challenge who challenged me. I’ve grown so many wonderful veggies, flowers and herbs that I would have normally bought from a nursery. Wow, I’m ready for my hoop house. My next attempt will be to save seeds from all my crops. If you remember correctly I salvaged some heirloom cherry tomato seeds from the garden in January. I planted them and here’s the result….my very first attempt at saving seeds! 😉


Here’s my attempt to grow Nasturtiums, Sweet William, Sage, Borage, and Ma-huang. Look those pesky Hungarian Peppers and Sweet Itl. Peppers they finally came up in droves! Now I have some to give away to my neighbor.

Sweet Williams

Herbs that haven’t come up yet and two jars of herbal infusions for making salves sitting in my south facing window.

I also decided to grow herbs from seed this year and sell them to jumpstart my herbal business; a part of Butterflies & Bumble Bees. Saturday I planted outside; more Nasturtiums, more Sweet William, more Sage, Sweet Basil, Holy Basil, Echinacea purpurea, Echinacea angustifolia, and California Poppies.

My plan this year was to plant successively. I’m doing well so far, but I still have “memory leakage” so hopefully I’ll remember to keep planting. Here’s a marvelous update on my health. I am experiencing healing like I’ve not know, ever! 🙂 I have more energy then I did at 40 and I’m just about ready to roll “over the hill”! I am grateful to God for his mercies that are new every morning. For His unfailing love and for His grace that has allowed me to endure this trial with Lyme Disease and it’s co-infections. Scripture tells us that God has given us everything we need for live and for godliness. That for me includes the healing properties of plants and food!!!!! How could I not love what I’m doing? This creation was given for our good and was proclaimed as good. So today I am grateful for life and for the ability to dig deep in the earth and bring forth life that in turn gives me life! Thank you Lord!


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