Does Your Food Have a Face?

Scottish Highland Cattle
Does your food have a face? I know it seems like a really strange question, but have you ever considered where your food comes from? Think about it. We care more about what kind of gas goes in our car then whether we know where our food comes from. When was the last time you considered the fact that the giant box stores don’t have your best interest at heart? They only care about their profits. Did you hear about the 143 million pounds of beef recalled just this year? YES, 143 MILLION POUNDS. Now if that’s not reason enough to care about where your food is grown and who grows it and what it’s grown with then I don’t know what is. I no more feel safer with a USDA stamp on my meat than I do with a pit viper laying next to me. So, how do we insure our own safety? I believe the way to ensure our own safety is to know where our food comes from. Did you know that when a farmer knows his customers by name he is more concerned about the safety of the food he sells them? If he isn’t then he won’t be in business for long.
The pictures above are of Scottish Highland Cattle and that is the face of our food. We put a split side in the freezer last week and it should last us a year. Not only do I know my farmer and she knows me, but I also knew the animal that was raised on my behalf. There is also another benefit to buying locally from the farmers that love to farm in your community, it saves you lots of money. We pay one price for all the cuts; from the T-Bone Steak to the Ground Beef….the price is the same. Even when prices soar yours won’t, it’s built in safety against inflation. Now that’s being a wise woman indeed.
I encourage you to consider buying local this year. Invest in a freezer and pack it tight….that saves energy. Most likely buying locally the money stays in your community and that is good for everyone. Not to mention all the gallons of gasoline used to truck the food from God knows where to your local grocery. If only we would learn to eat in season and eat locally we could begin to slowly turn things around.
I forgot to mention that the other night we had one of the Chuck Roast for dinner. I seared it in the cast iron skillet and slow cooked it in the oven with potatoes and carrots for a couple hours. Boy was it delicious! Grassfed beef is full of Omega 3 good fat! We enjoyed it with some Dahl that I learned to cook in India (lentil soup), homemade applesauce and homemade rolls. Everyone was satiated.
Dahl Recipe (as I learned it)
Soak red lentils in water and whey for 7 hrs or whatever time you have, then rinse them thoroughly. Heat a little olive oil and cook some onion and LOTS of garlic. Add the lentils and cover with water. I add either fresh plum tomatoes or sundried tomatoes. Add some salt, cayenne, and tumeric. Cook for a couple hrs adding water as needed. When done, you don’t want it too soupy, but a little juice is always yummy! 🙂

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