What a difference a day makes

Yes siree, what a difference a day makes. Two spots on my hands yesterday….a million today. It’s spreading and fast! I think I’m doomed for a weeks worth of this horrible plague. Man, I ended the season literally, with a bad bad case of poison ivy/oak and I’m starting spring the same. You’d think I would learn, but remember my problem with memory. Well, I think I’m due for a new brain at this point….any offers? In fact I was standing at the kitchen window last night looking out at the field and had that bright light go off in my head, I mean on. I was trying hard to remember why I was even out cutting the field in September, and then it hit me…..like a ton of bricks. That trespassing neighbor on his ATV! Then I remember if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t have started cutting the field down, burned up my mower engine, I wouldn’t have gotten poison ivy/oak everywhere imaginable, and I wouldn’t have thrown my back out……I started taking deep breaths. Oh well, maybe when we fence it for the goats he’ll finally realize we own it and if that doesn’t work then I might just have to take him my property tax bill which is going up over $6,000.00. Yes, you read that right. Boy, there must be gold in them thar hills! Hey, I know I can get him to clear the poison for me and he can ride all he wants. Naaaaaaa!


Itching Rugged Rural Woman

When will I learn that poison oak/ivy doesn’t die in the winter? As I sit here covered in bumps I am making a mental note that poison oak/ivy doesn’t die. I hate this stuff. You can roll around all day in it and you wouldn’t know you had it until two days later. So you go about your life, washing, touching, scratching, touching, sleeping, touching….did I say touching. You can’t help but touch your skin for almost two days and then you see them! Those little bumps, the swelling and you know it’s too late, you’re doomed. I was shaving my leg and ……..ahhhhhhh. I stopped instantly and threw the razor away and went on the rest of the day and week with a half shaved leg! Sleep escaped me last night as I tried to keep a clean sheet between my legs so it wouldn’t spread, but I woke up scratching my neck and realized that it was also all over my neck….lovely, not there again. So at 4:30 AM I was up trying to end the itching. Poison Oak/Ivy and I have not had a good relationship; ever! My remedies are to use Rhus Tox Homeopathy which works great and to SCRUB with Green Tincture Soap, and then spray with Camphore. Then it’s laundry daily using Tea Tree Oil and hot water to clean sheets and towels and clothes.

Now the 2 Million dollar question……Was it worth it? YES! I don’t mean rolling in it, but if I would have thought it through first, I’d have dressed better with all skin covered and then carefully thrown it all in the washing machine instantly instead of sitting for a couple hours then taking a shower. Funny thing is, I pulled it all out with my bare hands and I only have one spot on each hand…..but that’s today. What a difference a day makes. 😦

But it’s done!  Hopefully.

Happy St Patties Day!

Today is a celebration for most Irish….of which I am not. I have absolutely not one drop of Irish in me. But my husbands family of Porters goes back way far.  Early records mention William Le Porter in 1190.  Adam Le Porter in 1202 and Robert Le Porter in 1273.  The earliest immigrants from England to America was Peter Porter in 1622.  Our Porter clan was traced back 5 generations (maths not a strong pt) to Ireland when Joseph Porter was born in 1765 in Ireland. That’s as far back in the genealogy as we have it. So that would explain a lot when it comes to the Porters and their “strong wills”. I’m Scottish, English and then we threw in Hungarian. My husband is German, English, and Irish. I’d say my kids have a strong line of some pretty strong willed Ancestry! Our families have fought in the American Revolution, Civil War, WWII and the Korean War. We have blood that rocks of RED, WHITE AND BLUE. We are true patriots.   I digress so easily…..since today is St Patties Day, I will celebrate not by dying the Chesapeake green (it’s already green) but by planting POTATOES and fulfilling the Growing Challenge. My friends that’s what this day is all about; Potatoes. We love them; mashed, fried, scalloped, you name it we love potatoes. I will celebrate by planting 24 hills today; Purple Majesty, Yukon Gold, and Russet. Sounds like a grand day with temps in the 50’s and lots of sun. It’s so bright in here I think I’ll put on my shades. 8)

Kids will be kids

Kids will be kids kids playing on slide kids playing

Make sure you click on the photos to see just how cute these kids are!

I visited Sycamore Spring Farm again today. (make sure you see the new link under Gardening and Goats) Kids were frolicking everywhere and boy are they cute. My soon too be goat, Freckles gave birth to a cute little doeling. Tea Cup and several other does are just waiting.

Freckles Freckles Doeling Tea Cup

Freckles, Freckles Doeling, Tea Cup (French Swiss Alpine)


There’s something beautiful about a rooster. Maybe it’s because they always pose for the camera, but they make great photo ops. So today I shot a couple roosters, even the rascal who spurred me!

Rascal Rooster Rooster Rooster

As you can see I know nothing about chicken breeds yet…but that’s ok, because Hubbie says, no roosters. They sure are majestic though, even ornery rooster on the left.

I do know that this beauty is a Silkie and loves to be a mother.




Village Herbalist

I love that phrase. Of course it’s not original, John Gallager’s using it on The Herb Mentor. If you haven’t signed up for your herb classes, then do so now. The classes will launch March 20. Everything is online and so easy with videos and lectures to listen to at your leisure. There are some samples on his site, see it listed under the category: Herbs.

Since posting yesterday, and if you read it you know that I have this on going problem with memory. I forgot to add the one herb that really excited me the other day. I hope you’ll see why my Herbal Medicine Cabinet will not be without Ashwagandha.
Ashwagandha: Withania somnifera

Part used: root

Actions: Ashwagandha is traditionally an Ayurvedic herb used to treat fatigue, chronic disease, impotence, and waning memory. In the 21st Century it is well respected as a stress reliever. It is sometimes known as “Indian Ginseng” and has many similarities to Chinese Ginseng. In Ayurvedic medicine it may be used to treat more than what has already been mentioned including; astham, bronchitis, psoriasis, sedative, arthritis, and infertility. It is known as a warming herb like ginger and thus it’s increased tonic effect. Studies show that it helps those with exhaustion from chronic stress, weakened immune systems, a tonic for chronic disease and especially inflammatory disorders. As such it mobilizes the immune system and fights microbes. Other studies have shown it to have antitumor affects. Ashwagandha also has been shown to have antioxidant activity, and is helpful in protecting brain cells. It stimulates red blood cells and is rich in iron. It may also increases thyroid hormone levels. Some of the chemicals in this amazing herb number over 35 and they are; alkaloids, steroidal lactones, saponins, and withanolides.

Dosage: 1,000-3,000 mg daily of root

Side Effects and Contraindications: none

For herb resources see them under the category Herbs.

Disclaimer: This is only the opinion and research of the owner of this blog. I am not a doctor. Resourse used: “The Natural Physicians Healing Therapies” by Dr Mark Stengler, N.D.

Bragging Mom

You have to go see my daughters blog….Crisp September. It’s under my category Photography. She’s a talented photographer and graphic design artist. Thanks 😉

Herbwyfery 101

Herb Tinctures

Herb Tinctures

Wow, I’m back to the 101 classes. I’m not a pro at much, although I know a lot about a lot of different things. For one thing with the Lyme Disease and Company I don’t have the memory for much. But as I heal, little by little I do remember the things that matter most in life….feed the dogs, take a shower, cook meals, phone numbers. Not only is it important for me to remember my stuff, but for some unknown reason a mom and wife is to remember where everyone else put their stuff. Personally I think I’m doing pretty good.

This past week was a doozy. I’m not sure, no one is, so I might as well take a stab at it. I think I’ve uncovered the Bartonella which may have been hiding for a while hoping to go undetected. I’ve been on Dr. Zhang’s Chinese Herbs for about 70 days now for the co-infections. The main herb is to kill the Babesia which is also known as the American Malaria. Fun stuff!!!! I’d rather play with a pit of vipers. I’m pretty sure that most of the Bab’s is dead now….of course I’m not 100% sure, but it feels like it. In it’s place though Bart has decided to make his entrance with a bang. Knocked me on my butt for a good week with symptoms such as deprevation of oxygen in english that means, I can’t breathe, horrible migraine headache, fatigue, weakness, bone pain, brain swelling and all other inflammatory issues. In many ways, this is a good sign. I keep saying; no pain no gain. I know that sounds weird but with this disease it’s the death of the bacteria and company that produce neurotoxins and biotoxins and cause the outrageous symptoms. So, from where I sit there’s one less Bart in this house! And that my friend is good news! 8)

In my search the other day to figure this out and get some relief, I remembered (see) that I forgot (see), to take my Cod Liver Oil with my raw butter. I have so many things to remember to do, with food, without food, wait an hour…yada yada yada! But basically I forgot. So, here I sit sucking my raw butter and enjoying it thoroughly! The other thing I remembered to do was pull Stephen H. Buhner’s book “Healing Lyme” off the shelf. I had rememberd (see) that Boneset, Ashwaganda and Red Root were used in some way for these diseases. I went in the kitchen and proceeded to brew a batch of tea…….let me tell you, no amount of honey can make this stuff tolerable. But then most of what I do isn’t tolerable but I have to do it. Can you say bitter! I downed it with some raw honey and for the first time in days the breathing issue stopped. No, I don’t know if it was the herbs, but I would like to believe it was.

My experience with herbs throughout my life has been one of healing. I of course use herbs for cooking just like most people, and I have had my herb garden/perennial garden mostly for the beauty, but I have largely relied upon them for healing. Chronic Lyme Disease and Company do not respond to Rx antibiotics. I’m not going to get into this now. I’m working on a page about Lyme and Company, and will explain the ins and outs then. My choice has been herbs and other natural remedies that many people have gotten very good results with. As the father of medicine, Hippocrates said, “First, do no harm”.

My Materia Medica for this week are:

Boneset: Eupatorium perfoliatum

Part used: Above ground plant

Actions: Immunostimulant, mucous membrane tonic, smooth muscle relaxant, antiinflammatory, cytotoxic, mild emetic, peripheral circulatory stimulant, gastric bitter, mild antibacterial.

Dosage During Coinfection: One cup of mild tea, 2-4x day. Usually for 2-4 wks. The tea form is more potent than using as a tincture. Pour boiling water over 1 oz. of herb and allow to steep either overnight or for 15 minutes.

Side Effects and Contraindications: None.

Red Root: Ceanothus americanus

Family: Rhamnaceae

Part used: The root or inner bark or the root. Various species can be used interchangeably.

Actions: A Lymph system stimulant and tonic. Also an anti-inflammatory for the liver and the spleen. Red root is used as an astringent, a mucous membrane tonic, alterative, antiseptic, expectorant, antispasmodic, and a strong blood coagulant.

About Red Root: “Red root is an important herb in that it helps facilitate clearing of dead cellular tissue from the lymph system. When the lymph system can clear out dead cellular material rapidly, they healing process is increased, sometimes dramatically. There is some evidence that red root’s activity in the lymph nodes also enhances lymph nodes’ production of lymphocytes, specifically the formation of T cells.”

Side Effects and Contraindications: None
Most of this info on herbs was taken from “Healing Lyme” by Stephen Buhner.

If you are interested in learning more about herbology, see the category Herbs for The Herb Mentor. It is one of the greatest herb classes I’ve tried. You can even receive a trial lesson.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am only giving information from my own experiences and research. If you or someone you love has Lyme Disease please seek medical help from a qualified doctor (that may be hard to find).