Garden Work Day

Today was a work day for my husband and I. We got the other two raised beds filled and ready for planting. First we layered some newspaper on the grass and then our wonderful neighbor with a tractor used the bucket to fill them with dirt. I amended them with a bag of peat and leafgro each. I dug the holes for the split rail posts, hoping it will work well as a trellis. All that’s left is laying down some landscaping cloth so I can shovel pea gravel in the isles. We ran a new fence so the dogs wouldn’t walk on the beds. They were very unhappy to be left out. We worked long and hard today finishing with a few cabbage plants and some spinach seeds, mustard seeds, and mesclun. Our night time temps are still falling well below freezing so I covered everything with plastic so it doesn’t die if frost falls. I also amended my other four beds with some more leafgro and put a layer of straw on my potatoes. I planted 27 potatoes so there’s hardly any dirt left for hilling. I figured that straw will work fine since I’ve read of others doing it this way.

A view of my trellis and new beds.

New Cabbage Plants

More new plants

I’m going to keep the planter on the deck with some lettuce, kale and mustard greens for easy access to the greens for meals.

It was a very productive day and The Growing Challenge is helping me with motivation. I’m so thankful to God who is bringing healing from this wretched Lyme Disease. I have more and more energy every day. Yesterday I did have some claw marks on my right thigh; a sign of the “Cat Scratch Fever” being active. So, my feet are hurting pretty badly but with the grace given me, I can get through it. I’m grateful that tomorrow is a day of rest, because I’m going to need it badly.