Jewelweed is a Winner

Good new on the poison ivy scene. My hands have been the last thing to heal and that’s mostly between the fingers. Every night I go to bed and think it’s finally over! Then I wake up with a new spot or two on my fingers. My legs were left scared pretty badly and sooooo dry then I got a prickly rash. One important herbal med we keep on hand is tea tree oil. Since I was left pretty desperate with no where to turn, I went to my trusty herb medicine chest. I mixed it half & half with rubbing alcohol and sprayed it on several times a day and did so for 10 days. It dried things up very well. But it didn’t stop the spread. Then when I finally got out I bought some Jewelweed. Jewelweed works better for controlling the rash before it spreads. Yesterday I had a little spot on one finger and I applied the Jewelweed with a cotton ball, holding it on for a few minutes. This morning the spot was gone….I know you’re thinking, yeah, it’s just on the other hand. No, I don’t think so, I already had it on the other hand and it wasn’t completely dried up. The amazing thing about Jewelweed is that it grows in areas right next to Poison Ivy. So, I warn you if you are going to wildcraft Jewelweed, dress appropriately; long sleeves, gloves, long pants and boots! Jewelweed is a winner in my book along with our trustworthy Tea Tree Oil. Isn’t creation amazing! I do have two questions for God though and that is why He created snakes and poison ivy???

I know, I know…..did you notice…..I hope you did. I have been experiencing amazing healing and I learned how to do links! My brain isn’t full of cotton anymore or at least not today and my amazing daughter showed me how. I know you’re probably thinking duh! But if you find my post called “Confessions” you’ll understand more clearly. This is truly a milestone and I use them to mark my road to healing from Lyme Disease & Co.

That deserves another 🙂