Life is Hard But God is Good

Although my life has been marred by Lyme Disease and it’s many co-infections, I have found peace and rest in the arms of my Abba; Father God. Not every day is a good day. I struggle with the bad ones. But this one fact I hold on to and it directs my life; that God is good. I have found myself often quoting beloved Job, “Though He slay me, yet will I praise Him.”

Today was an exceptionally good day. In fact since I believe old “Bab’s” as I like to call her (the malaria like infection) is dead, I feel like flying. So instead today I did something which I haven’t done in a long, long time. I ran! I love to run! I was training for a marathon in 2001, then this disease decided it was time to ravage my body. I haven’t walked in the last 7 yrs let alone run! But yesterday I bought some new shoes which only happens once in a blue moon. I still had my Christmas money from my “moms”, so I spent it on shoes. Would you like to see one pair? They are my favorite.

Running Shoes

Aren’t they beautiful?

You wouldn’t care about the others, they are just sandals.


My day started with my little run and just ended with my attempt to transplant my young seedlings after I mowed the lawn and cooked dinner and and and. They are looking mighty fine! I had a great idea to use all of those qt containers that our farm food comes in. I’ve been saving them for just such an occasion. My sweet tatters are amazing. They were nearly grown right into the glasses I started them in. If you click on the pics you will be able to see their beautiful leaves. They remind me of ivy. I’m not sure what to do with them after this stage, but I’m sure my dad can help. I do know they are climbers so I’ll need to get my trellis built soon.

Sweet Tatters Sweet Tatters Sweet Tatters

Dill Transplanted in Qt Cont Transplanted in Qt Cont

(If you click on the far right you can see the flowers outside!)

Here sits my little window garden. It has grown so much I’m just about out of space on this little old table. One of my secrets to the success I’ve had is there is a heater just below and it has kept them nice and warm as well as the south facing window they are in. I bought a couple plants yesterday; collards, kale, lettuce, and dill. I’ve got the dill inside and I’m hardening the others. I already transplanted all of the lettuce and a few of the kales and collard to a long window box to keep on the deck for greens. They won’t get big, but at the last minute they will make nice dinner greens. I’d say I’m doing pretty well with The Growing Challenge.

And with that my day ends with a big 8)

“I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise will continually be in my mouth! “