Foraging for Food

Since joining The Herb Mentor, I have been revisiting my past. I’ve been learning to identify different common backyard herbs. So, for the last few days I’ve been foraging for my lunch. Today I’m having Chickweed, Parsley, Watercress, and Dandelion with my soy free egg salad, eggs provided by Sycamore Spring Farm made with Sally Fallon‘s Mayo recipe from Nourishing Traditions. It’s absolutely delicious. It has that little bite to it from the bitter herbs that are nourishing my liver. You might be wondering why this reminds me of  my past. When my Gma was alive and came to our new home 22 yrs ago, she was delighted that we had Watercress growing wild. She was picking it and eating it and at the time I thought she was a little wacky. She’s the Granny who taught me to sing to the birds. It’s so funny how we hang on to those wacky things and they make us who we are. Here’s to Gma for her good taste in delicious Watercress and for teaching me all the wacky things that have made my life rich!!!!As far as The Growing Challenge, I think I’m coming along splendidly. I have had success for the first time in my life with starting seeds indoors. I’ve had a lot of help from my “friends” on the Organic Gardeners Yahoo grp. My sweet potatoes are sprouting like crazy. Now what? I’m sure my “friends” will tell me. My little Jalapeño looks great! My Tomatillos look a little skinny, but I think they’ll hang in there. Next week will mark the month of April….I’m not sure where time goes, but boy does it fly. So I will try to get my lettuces and spinach in on a nice sunny day the first week of April. I have no idea what week I should be on with this challenge, but I think I’m following it pretty well. I’m excited about all the new varieties that I chose and it was certainly a challenge just to start these babies indoors!

Sweet Potato Plants

An update on the poison ivy…I’m still itching and breaking out and today is day 8. I ordered some miracle Jewelweed Soap and Salve over the weekend from Alternative Nature Online. Some other “friends” on the Homeschool Homesteaders Yahoo grp suggested it, so I sure hope it arrives soon. But in the mean time, well, I sorta look like Michael Jackson …ahhhhhh……I’m wearing gloves around, sure wish I could do the “Thriller” dance. Now that would be fun! Have a sweet sunshiny day!You might remember how challenged I am with this machine. So all the bold items are found in my links…I just don’t know how to link them.


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