Enduring Love

Today is my 26th wedding anniversary. I am more in love today then I was even yesterday. This man of mine is truly a gift from God. Before this disease began to really ravage my body I was a very capable woman. I worked harder than a team of horses. I was never afraid to jump right in and try something new. That’s funny my daughter is much like I was; strong and courageous. But, for the last 15 yrs my dear husband has carried me more than he has walked beside me. He has become more dear to me through this trial. Our love has grown stronger. He has shown me true compassion. He has shown me true selflessness. He has shown me true devotion. You think when you’re young that you will always be young and life will never touch you with hardships. But it does. One thing I’ve learned though on this journey with Lyme Disease is that no one, absolutely no one escapes pain. One of my favorite preachers says, “if you aren’t in a trial and you haven’t just come out of one, watch out cause there’s one comin”. How true that is. He also said that we have trials because God is using them to perfect us….to make us refined like pure gold. A goldsmith works the gold in the fire until all the impurities are gone. How does he know that the impurities are gone? He sees his own reflection. That’s what God is doing with my life….He is purifying me like gold until He looks at me and sees Jesus. I pray He will make me broken and poured out. A broken vessel of clay with a treasure of light inside. Shine on Jesus. So, today, I wish my sweet beloved husband a Happy Anniversary and am so thankful that he has chosen me to be with. Happy Anniversary Babe! 🙂

* This photo was taken by my daughter, you can find and purchase a copy at deviantART.


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