What a difference a day makes

Yes siree, what a difference a day makes. Two spots on my hands yesterday….a million today. It’s spreading and fast! I think I’m doomed for a weeks worth of this horrible plague. Man, I ended the season literally, with a bad bad case of poison ivy/oak and I’m starting spring the same. You’d think I would learn, but remember my problem with memory. Well, I think I’m due for a new brain at this point….any offers? In fact I was standing at the kitchen window last night looking out at the field and had that bright light go off in my head, I mean on. I was trying hard to remember why I was even out cutting the field in September, and then it hit me…..like a ton of bricks. That trespassing neighbor on his ATV! Then I remember if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t have started cutting the field down, burned up my mower engine, I wouldn’t have gotten poison ivy/oak everywhere imaginable, and I wouldn’t have thrown my back out……I started taking deep breaths. Oh well, maybe when we fence it for the goats he’ll finally realize we own it and if that doesn’t work then I might just have to take him my property tax bill which is going up over $6,000.00. Yes, you read that right. Boy, there must be gold in them thar hills! Hey, I know I can get him to clear the poison for me and he can ride all he wants. Naaaaaaa!


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