Itching Rugged Rural Woman

When will I learn that poison oak/ivy doesn’t die in the winter? As I sit here covered in bumps I am making a mental note that poison oak/ivy doesn’t die. I hate this stuff. You can roll around all day in it and you wouldn’t know you had it until two days later. So you go about your life, washing, touching, scratching, touching, sleeping, touching….did I say touching. You can’t help but touch your skin for almost two days and then you see them! Those little bumps, the swelling and you know it’s too late, you’re doomed. I was shaving my leg and ……..ahhhhhhh. I stopped instantly and threw the razor away and went on the rest of the day and week with a half shaved leg! Sleep escaped me last night as I tried to keep a clean sheet between my legs so it wouldn’t spread, but I woke up scratching my neck and realized that it was also all over my neck….lovely, not there again. So at 4:30 AM I was up trying to end the itching. Poison Oak/Ivy and I have not had a good relationship; ever! My remedies are to use Rhus Tox Homeopathy which works great and to SCRUB with Green Tincture Soap, and then spray with Camphore. Then it’s laundry daily using Tea Tree Oil and hot water to clean sheets and towels and clothes.

Now the 2 Million dollar question……Was it worth it? YES! I don’t mean rolling in it, but if I would have thought it through first, I’d have dressed better with all skin covered and then carefully thrown it all in the washing machine instantly instead of sitting for a couple hours then taking a shower. Funny thing is, I pulled it all out with my bare hands and I only have one spot on each hand…..but that’s today. What a difference a day makes. 😦

But it’s done!  Hopefully.


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