Happy St Patties Day!

Today is a celebration for most Irish….of which I am not. I have absolutely not one drop of Irish in me. But my husbands family of Porters goes back way far.  Early records mention William Le Porter in 1190.  Adam Le Porter in 1202 and Robert Le Porter in 1273.  The earliest immigrants from England to America was Peter Porter in 1622.  Our Porter clan was traced back 5 generations (maths not a strong pt) to Ireland when Joseph Porter was born in 1765 in Ireland. That’s as far back in the genealogy as we have it. So that would explain a lot when it comes to the Porters and their “strong wills”. I’m Scottish, English and then we threw in Hungarian. My husband is German, English, and Irish. I’d say my kids have a strong line of some pretty strong willed Ancestry! Our families have fought in the American Revolution, Civil War, WWII and the Korean War. We have blood that rocks of RED, WHITE AND BLUE. We are true patriots.   I digress so easily…..since today is St Patties Day, I will celebrate not by dying the Chesapeake green (it’s already green) but by planting POTATOES and fulfilling the Growing Challenge. My friends that’s what this day is all about; Potatoes. We love them; mashed, fried, scalloped, you name it we love potatoes. I will celebrate by planting 24 hills today; Purple Majesty, Yukon Gold, and Russet. Sounds like a grand day with temps in the 50’s and lots of sun. It’s so bright in here I think I’ll put on my shades. 8)