Kids will be kids

Kids will be kids kids playing on slide kids playing

Make sure you click on the photos to see just how cute these kids are!

I visited Sycamore Spring Farm again today. (make sure you see the new link under Gardening and Goats) Kids were frolicking everywhere and boy are they cute. My soon too be goat, Freckles gave birth to a cute little doeling. Tea Cup and several other does are just waiting.

Freckles Freckles Doeling Tea Cup

Freckles, Freckles Doeling, Tea Cup (French Swiss Alpine)


There’s something beautiful about a rooster. Maybe it’s because they always pose for the camera, but they make great photo ops. So today I shot a couple roosters, even the rascal who spurred me!

Rascal Rooster Rooster Rooster

As you can see I know nothing about chicken breeds yet…but that’s ok, because Hubbie says, no roosters. They sure are majestic though, even ornery rooster on the left.

I do know that this beauty is a Silkie and loves to be a mother.





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