St. Patties Day!!!! Naa I’m not Irish-But I love Potatoes!

 Purple Majesty Potatoes

I just received some more seeds today from D. Landreth Seed Company in New Freedom, PA. I ordered a pound of Purple Majesty Potatoes, Sage, Empress of India Nasturtium, Double Sweet William, Sweet Wax Hungarian Peppers, Yellow Creme Puff Popcorn, Fordhook Lima Beans and Henderson’s Dwarf Butter Beans. Now, to only get these to grow. My seeds that I’m TRYING to start indoors are looking pretty bad. Don’t get me wrong. They are growing, but I’m sure others have much prettier plants. I’m not sure why on earth I ordered some of these in seed since this is such a struggle for me. I’d much rather pay someone, yes, even pay them double the price for a seed pack just to start these babies for me.

My Jalapeno and Toma Verde Tomatillos are up, but the Friggitello Heirloom Italian Peppers are not showing signs of life, so I reseeded them today….when I run out of seeds that’s when I’ll call it quits! I don’t have one bit of trouble getting a seed to come up outside. So, I might just wait and sow them when the ground warms up a bit. In fact I might lay a black cover over the soil to help it warm up and then provide a small tunnel to keep them warm. Our nights here in Zone 7 of the Mid Atlantic Region are still in the mid 30’s, with our day time temp’s in the 50’s.

I’m most excited about the arrival of the Purple Majesty Potatoes. They will be blue on the inside and out. I ordered a pound and if I cut them into halves then I’ll have at least 20 hills of Purple Majesty. I’m figuring about a pound a hill. I’m hoping that the others I ordered way back in January will arrive very soon. I’m usually never ready for the St. Patties planting, but since I have my raised beds, I’m always ready!

I ordered the Empress of India Nasturtiums just for the name. I love India. I also love Nasturtiums, they are easy to grow and add color to any salad. All of my Sweet William have died off that my dad; yes the “Sanford and Son’s” dad, grew in his greenhouse. They were so beautiful and reseeded every year. Until one year, oh about 10 yrs after I had them, really, they just died. Could have been the dogs constantly trampling them or they just gave out on me. But I thought I’d try to get some started again because they are so beautiful.

The Butter Beans and Lima’s are an old family favorite. I’ll cook them with some corn and it will be mm good! My mouths watering just thinking about it. 8)


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