Spring Treats

This morning as I was perched looking out over my back 40 I was treated to my first sighting of a Blue Bird. I love Blue Birds. For some reason they give me great joy in my little world. One year we had so many sightings, but lately they haven’t been around. So, that reminded me that I ought to put up some of the bird houses that my blind dad made for me to sell. I haven’t sold them….I’m….well, using them. It’s amazing what a blind man can do. If you’re ever interested in a bird house built by a blind veteran of the Korean War, just let me know….but like his heirloom seeds I wrote about, sometimes things aren’t as they seem. I painted one a whimsical pink and blue and hung it in the Black Maple Tree and well, the bottom fell off. The only thing hanging from the tree branch was the roof and the wasps that had taken up residence. By the way, my dad hasn’t always been blind, he has macular degeneration. He was the best golfer and he continued to golf even after he was going blind….he improvised and still did well. Now he builds bird houses and has his little greenhouse “Sanford and Sons” style and tries to stay out of my moms hair. Not once have I heard my dad complain about being blind….not once. He has made lemonade out of the lemons and he’s enjoying every last drop! I want to continue to be like that even on my worst days w/ battling this disease. Today, even with a very bad toxic headache I was determined to get some peat and leafgro to put on my new beds. So I did. Now let it rain so I can nurse this head of mine. Actually I think it’s the low pressure which seems to really bother me….so I wish the rain would get on with it and let the sun shine. I’m grateful for the little treats that God gives me….little things like Blue Birds! 8)


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