Grade School Experiment

I decided to try growing sweet potatoes this year. One grp suggested starting them indoors like we did in grade school. So I bought some organic the other day and we’ll see how they do. My little plants are coming right along beautifully. We’ve had some great sunny days and since my only source of light is the sun…well, I need sunny days. Not only does it help my plants grow it also helps me feel great. I got my “workout” in the garden today. I filled my new 4×12′ box with soil….boy am I going to know I’m 50 tomorrow. I have two more boxes to fill……..I’ll just not think about it.
We had a wonderful treat the other evening; spring peepers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We long for the first spring peepers. They sing in the evenings and remind us that winter is near an end. What lovely music they play. 8)

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