Started My Seeds

Today I started a few seeds indoors. I found some little peat pots that explode when you soak them….well they actually just grow in size. So I popped the seeds in and hopefully they will grow. Step #1 to the Growing Challenge Done!!!! She didn’t say we had to be successful at it, just do it. Grow something from seed that you’ve never grown before. I thought the challenge for me would be to get them started indoors. 8)

I know it doesn’t look like a lot, but we’re pretty much empty nesters now. It ought to be enough to make some wonderful salsa.  My goal is not necessarily to can and kill, but to have a succession of veggies for the year.  Corn when corns on, kale when kales on and so on.  The only veggies I will “can” are tomatoes, because I find that we do like Chili in the winter and I buy them anyway, so I might as well have my own.

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