Growing Challenge

Just a reminder. Have you signed up for The Growing Challenge? Click on the pic of veggies on my gardening page and it will take you there. It’s really pretty simple, just keeps you on your toes. I need that. So, in order to meet the challenge I need to start some seeds of a plant I’ve never grown before. I’m not very good at starting seeds indoors. They always get leggy and fall over. But a lady told me that it’s because they are reaching too far for the light….well, that would make sense since the sun is pretty far away. So, my DH is going to let me set up his shop light and hopefully get these seeds to look good. I’m telling you my house right now is a total disaster zone! I bought some organic soil when I was out the other day and I need to go down in the shed and dig out my little seed starter box thingie. Since our last frost is May 16 in Zone 7 of the Mid Atlantic Region it’s just about time to get these going.These are my seeds of choice to start for The Growing Challenge: Toma Verde Tomatillos, Jalapeno Peppers, and Friggitello Sweet Peppers. Sounds like some good salsa!!!Visit Elements In Time on my blogroll!  Sign up today!


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