Making Kefir Cheese

This is my attempt at making Kefir Cheese. It’s not aged, but more like a firm farmers cheese. I used it to make a grilled cheese sandwich along with raw cheddar. It melted and was delicious. The pic at the bottom is a complete NT meal; Grilled Cheese made with sprouted sourdough bread, raw butter, raw cheddar and kefir cheese, a fermented dill pickle and potato chips cooked in lard. It was absolutely delicious. And of course to top it off, a cold glass of raw milk! Yummmm! 8)

Cow Kefir Hanging kefir over bucket Drained Kefir Kefir wrapped in old t-shirt

Pour the kefir in a tight weave cloth (silk). Wrap tightly and hang over bucket to drain. Make sure you collect the whey for further NT recipes. Drain for 24 hrs. Then open cloth and pour out soft cheese. Wrap again in a cotton cloth or cheese cloth.


pressing moisture out. Final Kefir Cheese

Then press it with a weight such as a bottle of water. Let sit for 24 hrs and enjoy.


Complete NT lunch or dinner.

My complete easy NT dinner..opps the glass of raw milk missed in the photo.


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