Down on the Farm

I made a trip to my favorite farm to visit all my friends today. To my great surprise the two goats I will be purchasing are both expecting. Yes, congratulations! Everyone was glad to see me and crowded to have their pictures taken. Even the ewes came close enough for a few pleasantries. Please enjoy all these beautiful pictures of Sycamore Spring Farm.

Scottish Highland Cattle Scottish Highland Cattle Chickens

These are beautiful young Scottish Highland Cattle. This will be in our freezer this yr.


blog3-088.jpg Freckles Freckles

This is my girl Freckles and she will be a first time mama!


blog3-098.jpg blog3-099.jpg Miss Sadie


Miss Sadie .Tea Cup Angel

This is another of my girls Tea Cup she’s in the middle!


blog3-108.jpg Head Butting Head Butting


blog3-103.jpg. Mr Turkey Smiling

Can you see that lambie smiling? Click on the thumb nail.



All the ewes are expecting. On the left is a rare Scottish breed and on the right a Dorset.




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