Kefir Sourdough Starter Wins Hands Down!

I went into this sourdough experiment about a week ago. It’s my understanding from research by Amanda Rose at Rebuild-From-Depression, that it may be phytic acid in wheat that has caused my intolerance to wheat and gluten which showed as a moderate intolerance on an IGg blood test. After much work to heal my leaky gut, I am able to enjoy the foods that were high intolerance with the suggestion to never eat them again on the same IGg blood test. I am gratefully enjoying raw milk and soy free eggs. I have been more cautious towards shell fish that also showed up on that test as high intolerance, but maybe someday soon I’ll indulge myself with my EpiPen close by.



Sourdough Starter Regular Sourdough Starter Day??? sourdough starter

This is the regular sourdough starter….not doing much.


Sourdough Starter Dough Dough

This is the kefir sourdough starter after I tried to sponge it and the first pic shows that it really didn’t work. The dough did not rise. However it is making very good flat bread, delicious fried in butter and a little honey on top. All is not lost. Back to the drawing board.

That brings me back to the wheat. Soaking and sprouting the grain or using sourdough will both inactivate the phytic acid. I started a sourdough starter about a week ago and the pics are here somewhere. However, it didn’t work. It just sat there and did nothing.  I saw there was  had a recipe for Kefir Sourdough Starter! Yeah! I mixed 1 Cup of kefir and 1 cup Unbleached King Arthur Flour and let it sit until it doubled in size….this morning (2.5 days later) to my happy self I had 2 Cups of Kefir Sourdough Starter! I know you’re saying, well yeah, 1+1=2, but when I stirred it together there was only 1 Cup starter. At this point though I’m on my own, but hey isn’t that how we figure most things out in life…trial and error. So, I am going to attempt making bread now using the Kefir Sourdough Starter in place of yeast. I’ll let it proof, which is letting it sit and bubble. I always do that when I make yeast bread just to make sure the yeast is good….it’s a lot better than making the bread and having it not rise. Wish me success! I’ll post pics later…..hubby has laptop and I don’t see any place on this antique desktop to plug the camera thingie into. Guess what it is on this machine….well I told you I’m not technical!

Kefir Sourdough Starter Kefir Sourdough Starter

This is the kefir sourdough starter looking very good…but as I found out it didn’t have enough umph to raise the bread….needed more rising power.


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