Start Seeds!

Boy, am I glad I already received my seeds, because time always gets away from me, especially with my health. Mostly I’ve had good days, but as the onion layers are peeled away, there will always be “bad” toxic days. Today is one of them….but I try to look at it in a positive way….no pain, no gain.

I can’t believe I have one month until it’s time to plant potatoes in Zone 7. I’m still waiting on my son to get 3 new raised beds built so I can fill them with dirt for the potatoes and corn. I’ve never had much success with starting seeds indoors. But I thought I’d give it another try. My dad has his little “greenhouse” more on the reflections of “Sanford and Sons”!!!! But as a blind man it gives him great reward and he stays out of trouble. I’m always a bit troubled though when he tells me that I’m getting Plum Tomato Plants, since he can’t see and his hieroglyphic penmanship is on the iffy side. Let’s just say he hasn’t always been right.

I can’t wait to build my own “Sanford and Sons” greenhouse or hoophouse. At least we got rid of the car hiding in the grass outback…..”You know you’re a red neck, when you cut your grass and find a car!” Well, we aren’t red necks anymore….but I’m not sure what my hoophouse will resemble. I’ll try to make the neighbors proud! On the topic of building, my son has been commissioned to build my goat barn/shed and chicken coop. I guess we’ll have to promise some great reward….I’m sure he’s forgotten about the new tires on his car. He too is recovering his body from this disease so I always give him some slack. He’s a great kid and I’ll be sure to post the pics when it’s built.

I did get the apple tree pruned yesterday. That was quite a job. I thought I’d rather “work out” in the yard. For some reason it’s more appealing to me then lifting weights. As a spiritual reflection: while I was pruning, I thought of the parable Jesus taught on the fruit. He is the vine and we are the branches. He who doesn’t bear fruit will be cut off and thrown into the fire. The branches bearing fruit will be pruned so they will bear much more fruit. That’s been the reflection of my life, living with this disease…the pruning is sometimes unbearable, but I know I will bear much fruit from it. It’s the dead branches that don’t bear fruit that Christ says he’ll throw into the fire….He won’t just compost them. They have fungus or other reasons why they are dead….but they do not bear fruit so they are destroyed and they can’t infect the other branches. I think I’ll meditate on that for a while. “He who abides in Me with bear much fruit.” John 15


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