Composting 101

Scraps for compost Scraps for Composting Composting

This is where composting begins; in the kitchen and the yard.

I wanted to post pictures of my compost and garden for friends on my Discussing Nourishing Traditions grp. There’s nothing fancy about it….just scraps and dirt…makes more dirt!!! The raised beds are so easy to maintain and I don’t know how I worked a garden all those years; tilling, weeding, tilling weeding. You can see how simple it is. My motto: “Work Smarter Not Harder”

Composting Composting Composting Composting Composting CompostingYou can see the back bed I added some xtra topsoil to and it needs some compost to enrich it.

raised beds Dark Rich Soil blog-2-094.jpgCorner construction of bed You can see that the beds are full of dark beautiful soil, even in the winter it’s soft and crumbly (not very technical). They never get walked on and are simple and easy to maintain. Plant, weed and harvest.


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