Chocolate—an Aphrodisiac?


Does there ever have to be a reason to eat chocolate? NO! Hands down chocolate is an all around good for you food. It’s loaded with antioxidants and it causes the brain to release neurotransmitters; little messengers. Ok, are you convinced yet that eating chocolate is good for you? Need more? Many say chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Hang on to your hats….it is. It has a chemical property called lipid anandamide which is also known as a “chocolate amphetamine”, yes you read that right… marijuana. Eating chocolate changes your blood pressure and blood sugar levels leading to excitement and alertness. But don’t worry, to get a high like you would from marijuana, you’d have to eat at least 25 pounds of chocolate. It’s not just any chocolate though. The darker the better. The darker chocolate also has less sugar and that’s always better. Or you can use my recipe for “Guiltless Chocolates”, they are delicious and have honey and no sugar. Eat up and watch out for the side benefits of chocolate; no wonder Valentine’s Day focuses so much on chocolate. And you thought they made all that up!   See Natural News in my blogroll.See Real Food by Nina Plank.


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