Seeds are here!

I know it’s early, but better than late when it comes to seeds. I’m always lagging behind but this year, I’ve jumped the gun. I ordered my seeds this year from The Cook’s Garden. I will also get a few heirlooms from Victory Seeds. I hope that you are planning your garden now as winter is quickly passing. Our potatoes go in March 17 (St. Patty’s Day) for zone 7. Since I’m going to try and plant enough to feed our family through next winter, I figure, I’ve got to plant about 50 hills. I usually just plop an organic potato in the ground with a few eyes sprouting. Then gathering up the ground around it during the growing season. Last year I had a beautiful crop.

So far this is what I’ve got in my hands:

*Homemade Pickle Cuc’s *Friggitello Sweet Peppers *Wild Mix Kale

*Osaka Purple Mustard *Indian Summer Spinach *Jackpot Corn

*Emerite Pole Beans *Little Gem Lettuce *Jalapeno Peppers

*Toma Verde Tomatillo*Earlisweet Melon*Sugar Baby Watermelon

*Summer Mix Lettuc *Mild Mix Mesculin*Cook’s Custom Mix Beets

*Kuroda Organic Carrots *Cristoforo Organic Squash *India Paint Eggplant

*Big Mama Plum Tomatoes *Jersey Knight Asparagus *Yukon Gold Potatoes

*Russian Banana Potatoes*Blue Solaise Leeks*Walla Walla Sweet Onions

Plants and seeds still to be added: Cabbage, Spring Onions, Butter Beans and Herbs. However, there’s probably something that will tickle my fancy along the way that I just can’t live without. Oh right, some Hungarian Peppers and okra!!!! And some kind of blue potato, I heard they were delicious.

My new favorite site for traditional foods is Mother Linda’s click on the blogroll!


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