I have a confession to make. I have been a total computer idiot for a very long time. Ok, I’m still struggling, but if you knew me you’d be very proud of the progress I’ve made lately. These diseases I have; Lyme, Babesia, Ehrlichiosis, and Bartonella — ok you got all that?….well, these diseases have played a very nightmarish game on my brain. They have infected my brain and caused me to feel more like 89. For the longest time I use to say I was brain dead. Not to be mean or anything, that’s just what it felt like. As I began to heal last year, the only way I could describe it to my doc was that my brain was waking up. WOW, I was ecstatic that it wasn’t dead. One problem I had as it was “waking up” was that I became very excitable and feisty. And then it mellowed out somewhat. I used to be puzzled over the fact that almost everyone I knew, whether they were 50 and of course younger, well, they all could do everything on the computer. I was working on my blog and my facebook page yesterday ( I know, I have to much time on my hands while I’m healing) and to my utter amazement, yes UTTER amazement, I just did stuff…..please don’t laugh, I downloaded pictures from the camera to the computer, I uploaded pictures from the computer to my blog and facebook. Ok, so I deleted a couple pages….hey what I did was monumental. My daughter was shocked because she didn’t get a single call at work, me asking for help. And weren’t you impressed when I used the words downloaded and uploaded!!!! These are my confessions for today. I’m ecstatic!!!! Watch out world!!!! And I hope you like pictures cause I’ve lived in a pictureless world for too long.


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