blog-2-004.jpgblog-2-002.jpgMy first ScobyMy first batch of kombucha tea is ready. It’s mighty tasty. I didn’t want to let the first batch brew too long. So, maybe the next I’ll give it 10 days.  I drank about 1 Cup and my head is spinning…..I knew with my specific illness that I would need to take this slowly, but man.  So, everything in moderation and then some.  No more today.  It’s called a Jarish Herxheimer reaction.   In essence; die off.  KT is a fermentation with live friendly bacteria and yeast.  When it goes into the body, if you have a disease like I do, then it may cause an upset in the balance of things until the body can adjust.  I’ve never been a drinker of alcohol but if I didn’t know any better, this feels like a BUZZ!



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