Kombucha Teablog-1-004.jpgWell, in the process of learning this blog stuff and becoming more competent on the computer, I just deleted my first couple blogs…..ho hum. I think they talked about all the great seeds I ordered and my dreaming of spring. I still am dreaming of spring that is, but now my blog is smaller. Ok, I’m getting it. I know I just posted the same pic twice but I’m happy it got posted! Just wanted to have a good view of my Kombucha Tea in progress. Today is day 5 and it’s looking very nice. I’m not one for talking to plants and such, but I must confess that I have been talking to my KT!! Well, I talk to my dogs. They’re alive and if somethings alive then it’s got important life flowing energy in it….I know, I’m scaring you…me too. My doggies only talk back in doggie talk but they know woman talk…I talk to them as if carrying on a conversation with another person. They understand everything I say. So, I’ve been contemplating talking to my fermenting brews to see if they grow faster and healthier. Don’t call the guys in white coats quiet yet, I’m only experimenting. Anyway, my KT is looking and smelling very good.


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