Mad Scientist at Work

KTIn my little kitchen I have so many brews going. I have kefir fermenting, kombucha brewing, and now lozenges hardening. I was introduced to the world of fermentation last yr when I started consuming raw dairy. I got my first kefir grains and made kefir. I love goat kefir; it’s creamy and smooth every time. My friend Millie, just sent me a kombucha scoby. It looks more like “The Blob”! I swear I’m gonna climb out of bed one day and I’m going to be over taken by these live creatures.

I love Slippery Elm Lozenges, but the ones I was buying had sucrose in them….great, I’m sucking sugar for my soar throat. So, as a true herbalist, I made my own yesterday. First I brewed a small amt of Sarsparilla Tea and mixed it with Slippery Elm powder and raw honey. Mixed it up and rolled it out. Using a small cap from a bottle of oil, I cut little lozenges. Then placing them on a plate to dry overnight. Mmmmmmm! They are so wonderful for soar throats.


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